Top 5 Nudist Films

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To celebrate our release of Cinema au Naturel: A History of the Nudist Film here is our list of the top five British nudist films.

Travelling Light (1959)

Travelling Light (1959) lobby card

Edward Craven Walker, the inventor of the lava lamp, was a keen naturist. He made three films celebrating the nudist lifestyle. Travelling Light, his first, was by far the best. Sunbathing in the altogether at Studland Bay, Elizabeth Walker gets invited by some naturist to join them on holiday to Corsica. The film is best remembered for its underwater sequences.

The Nudist Story (1960)

a.k.a. For Members Only aka Pussycat Paradise.
British filmmakers seemed to do a better job at nudist scripts, plot, camera work, and sound than their American counterparts. The Nudist Story is a surprisingly good tale and is decently acted. It is often described as the Citizen Kane of nudist movies. A young female tycoon considers closing her recently deceased grandfather’s nudist camp. Will the delights of nudity win her over?

Nudes of the World (1961)

Contestants from a beauty contest unable to top up their tans, as all the local sun clubs are fully booked, lease the grounds of a stately home, while the Lord is away on holiday. Appalled and horrified, the locals from the village get out their pitchforks. Blue Peter host, Valerie Singleton, provides the voiceover.

Naked As Nature Intended (1961)

There are five outstanding reasons to see this film: Petrina Forsyth, Pamela Green, Angela Jones, Bridget Leonard, and Jackie Salt. If any nudist film ever won the hearts of a nation, it’s this one. It takes forever for the wandering young lasses to finally get down to removing their clothes as nature intended, but the wait is worth an empire.

The cinematic tale of Harrison Marks’ nudist feature Naked as Nature Intended, the iconic film that brought us Pamela Green in her birthday suit, is now available to purchase from our shop

My Bare Lady (1963)

America tourist, Tina, crashes her bike into a pond, and, local nudist and Korean war veteran, Patrick, invites her to a local holiday camp to recover, where naturist bliss and true love await her — filmed in the scenic surroundings of the North Kent Sun Club, in exotic Orpington.

Some of the above films are available from the fabulous folks over at Something Weird.

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Nudist Films

  1. By coincidence, I have just been watching a 2013 nudist based movie in Prime Video called:

    Act Naturally

    With the descriptor:

    When two estranged stepsisters inherit their father’s nudist colony, getting back to nature has never been so completely unnatural.

    Light weigh funt and fairly well acted.

    BTW I found “The Nudist Story (Pussycat Club)” on Youtube a while ago. Funny how you never see the male parts during the whole movie. 😉


  2. Brian Cobby of The Nudist Story became the voice of “Tim”, the telephone speaking clock, and in that amazing way the popular press had of digging up things from the past, even in the pre-Internet, pre-Google era, it was soon revealed that he’d been in a nudist film!

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