Danny Kaye at the London Palladium

Danny Kaye with Pamela Green
Danny Kaye (1911-1987) with Pamela Green taken by George Harrison Marks

Pamela occasionally interviewed the stars who appeared at the London Palladium for the magazine Show by Axtell Publications. Harrison Marks not unexpectedly got to take the pictures. Here’s a rare picture of Pamela with Danny Kaye in his dressing gown. For those of you too young to remember Danny Kaye was as an American actor, singer, dancer, comedian, musician, and philanthropist. He was famous for being somewhat idiosyncratic. Physical comedy and rapid-fire novelty songs were his shtick. He starred in seventeen movies, including White Christmas alongside Bing Crosby.

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3 thoughts on “Danny Kaye at the London Palladium

  1. I remember him. He was very popular although by the time I’m talking about he wasn’t quite as popular. His songs with the words “There once was an duckling” and ” The Emperors New Clothes” were always being played on children’s radio by the BBC.
    Lucky man posing with Pamela!

  2. Kaye was reputed to be bisexual, though the rumours of an affair with Sir Laurence Olivier turn-out to be unsubstantiated—regardless, he seems to gave been heterosexual enough to enjoy this pose.

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