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Nudist Life at Spielplatz, the story of a modern experiment in the art of living by Charles Sennet, with an art supplement of photographs taken at the Hertfordshire nudist resort by Stephen Glass, was published by The Naturist Ltd. in 1956. The 56-page booklet is pretty rare so I was pretty surprised to come across a nice clean copy that I managed to match up with the original negative of the cover image taken by Stephen Glass. As you can see they flipped the image round for the cover. Not sure who the models are and I guess I should do a bit more research into Charles Sennet. If you know any details feel free to email me or post them in the comments.

Photo by Stephen Glass.

Nudist Life at Spielplatz by Charles Sennet. Photographs by Stephen Glass.

Kamera, Pagan, Harrison Marks, Pamela Green

Kamera no. 40 and Pagan no. 3

On the left Kamera, no. 40, by Kamera Publications, 1961 and on the right Pagan, no. 3, by Caballus Publications, date unknown. Both magazines feature Pamela Green on the cover dressed as Princess Sonmar Harricks on the set of the 8mm film Gypsy Fire — Sonmar Harricks being an anagram of Harrison Marks. The internal pages are completely different.

The cinematic tale of Harrison Marks’ nudist feature Naked as Nature Intended, the iconic film that brought us Pamela Green in her birthday suit. Behind the scenes exclusives and never before seen pictures. The text is taken from Pamela’s unpublished biography. Hardback and Kindle version available. Buy your copy from Amazon

Harrison Marks and Pamela Green in the nudist film Naked as Nature Intended.

Naked as Nature Intended. The Epic Tale of a Nudist Picture. Hardback and Kindle.


In April 1957, when the first issue of Kamera was ready for the printers, Pamela Green and Harrison Marks decided to go to the Isles of Scilly again — this time taking Marie Deveraux and Lorraine Burnett to work with them. The object of which was not only to take a selection of nudes for their new magazine but also for a hardcover book entitled Kamera on Location featuring outdoor nudes only. It was their most successful book by far which is reflected in the high price a copy demands today.

In the forward of the book, George Harrison Marks talks about going to the Hebrides. According to Pamela’s biography, they went to the Isles of Scilly, which actually makes more sense. For all you trivia buffs, the long black wig Pamela occasionally wears in the book was originally made for the French prima ballerina Ludmilla Tchérina, who wore it for her role as Giulietta in the Powell and Pressburger film The Tales of Hoffman.

Kamera on Location, Pamela Green, Harrison Marks, Marie Deveraux, Lorraine Burnett, nudes, Isles of Scilly, photographry

Kamera on Location (1958) — a magnificent collection of pictures featuring the beauty of womanhood coupled with the photographic artistry of a craftsman. A genuine gem for the collectors’ bookshelf.


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He’s an extremely rare picture of Pamela Green with Rita Landre together. It was taken for the book Pamela that was printed by Luxor Press (ca 1956). George and Pam received a few copies of the book, but they never got paid. Their prints and transparencies were never returned either. The book has 66 pages and cost 18/-. Copies for sale occasionally appear on the Abe Books website.

Pamela: a portrait in 58 studies by Harrison Marks, Luxor Press (ca 1956).

Pamela Green, George Harrison Marks, nude, Glamour

Advert for the Book Pamela, Britain’s No. 1 model.