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A big thank you to the talented Marc of Old Iz New Again for digitally colouring this black and white photo of Pamela Green. His website is definitely worth a peruse. Lots of great images from Ziegfeld girls to Betty Page.

Pamela Green, Harrison Marks, Nude, Pinup, retro, vintage, glamour

Pamela Green colourized by Old Iz New Again.

Pamela Green, Harrison Marks, OldIZNewAgain, Nude, Pin up

In April 1957, when the first issue of Kamera was ready for the printers, Pamela Green and Harrison Marks decided to go to the Isles of Scilly again — this time taking Marie Deveraux and Lorraine Burnett to work with them. The object of which was not only to take a selection of nudes for their new magazine but also for a hardcover book entitled Kamera on Location featuring outdoor nudes only. It was their most successful book by far which is reflected in the high price a copy demands today.

In the forward of the book, George Harrison Marks talks about going to the Hebrides. According to Pamela’s biography, they went to the Isles of Scilly, which actually makes more sense. For all you trivia buffs, the long black wig Pamela occasionally wears in the book was originally made for the French prima ballerina Ludmilla Tchérina, who wore it for her role as Giulietta in the Powell and Pressburger film The Tales of Hoffman.

Kamera on Location, Pamela Green, Harrison Marks, Marie Deveraux, Lorraine Burnett, nudes, Isles of Scilly, photographry

Kamera on Location (1958) — a magnificent collection of pictures featuring the beauty of womanhood coupled with the photographic artistry of a craftsman. A genuine gem for the collectors’ bookshelf.


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George Harrison Marks and Pamela Green sometimes dabbled with 3-d photography. The results of which can be seen in Intimate Studies of Beauty No.6. This pocket publication was published by A. Hallé Ltd of London and forms part of a series of at least seven books. Apparently no expense was spared to “combine first class photography, faultless printing and classic posing — all in harmony to capture every aspect of beauty in the female form” and all in 3-D for only 2’6, including spectacles. A bargain for sure!

Pamela Green, 3D, Pinup, model, nude.

Intimate Studies of Beauty No.6 — Pamela Green in 3-D

Pamela Green, 3D pinup, nude

Pamela Green in 3-D from Intimate Studies of Beauty No.6.


A set of six lobby cards from the American release of the film As Nature Intended (1961). In America, the word Naked in the title was considered too risqué and was dropped. Ironically the US version of the film is far racier as the UK release had several cuts.

As-Nature-Intended-001As Nature Intended, Lobby card, Pamela Green, Harrison MarksAs Nature Intended, Lobby card, Pamela Green, Harrison MarksAs Nature Intended, Lobby card, Pamela Green, Harrison MarksAs Nature Intended, Lobby card, Pamela GreenAs Nature Intended, Lobby card, Pamela Green, Harrison Marks

The cinematic tale of Harrison Marks’ nudist feature Naked as Nature Intended, the iconic film that brought us Pamela Green in her birthday suit, is now available as a book. It features behind the scenes exclusives and never before seen pictures. Order online from Amazon.

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