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As most of the readers of this blog should know Douglas Webb was one of the Dambusters. May 16th is the 70th anniversary of  the raid. It was a breathtaking display of daring, ingenuity and self-sacrifice that had a huge effect on the wartime generation and still inspires us today… and rightly so. I only met Doug a few times but it was incredibly humbling to meet a real hero from history. For a list of anniversary events I suggest you take a look Charles Foster’s Dambusters blog. For more information about Doug and the Dams raid check out the following posts of mine.

The Dambuster and the Bombshell
Douglas Webb

Douglas Webb, DFM, 617 Squadron, The Dambusters, Operation Chastise

Douglas Webb outside Buckingham Palace with his fiancé Anne Jones (aka Bebe) and his parents on the day he received his Distinguished Flying Medal for taking part in the Dams raid, officially known as Operation Chastise.