March 2011

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‘Naked – As Nature Intended’ is celebrating its 50th birthday this year – the 
iconic British film that brought us bare breasts on Porthcurno beach and donkey-stroking in Clovelly. To celebrate, it’s finally coming out on DVD on the 18 April (alongside Pauline Collins’ salacious ‘Secrets of a Windmill Girl’)….
Simon Sheridan did the sleeve-notes.

When Naked – As Nature Intended was first released its certificate was an “A” —Children of any age could see it, but some councils ruled that children must be accompanied by an adult. An “X” certificate at the time was for those aged 16 and older and was enforced by all councils. The current DVD has the new certificate of “15” — suitable for those aged 15 and older. The film laughably tame should be a “U”.

Naked as Nature Intended / Secrets of a Windmill Girl is available from Amazon.

Naked as Nature Intended

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